The preferred choice for mill operators globally. Our expanded range – 400 kg to 9T capacities – ensures fast, reliable, safe mill relining is now available to every site.

RUSSELL Liner Exchange Machine Range

Fast, reliable, safe, RUSSELL Liner Exchange Machines are the perfect match for reaching your mill relining potential. They embody everything RME has learnt over 35+ years and 550+ machines manufactured to deliver superior productivity, serviceability, lifecycle cost and safety.

And now, RME’s modular systems engineering approach offers the industry's widest range of models – from field-upgradeable automated systems to compact liner handlers – for mills large, medium and small. So you are certain to find an affordable, future-proofed solution to match your mine site needs.

It’s never been easier to enter the world of advanced relining and achieve visible, defensible and sustainable improvements in concentrator performance and mill relining safety.

Available in 400 kg to 9T lifting capacities.