MILL RELINE DIRECTOR (MRD) discrete event capture, analysis and 'digital twin' simulation provides clear line of sight into the complex process of mill relining.

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MILL RELINE DIRECTOR (MRD) discrete event simulation provides clear line of sight into the complex and important process of mill relining. It creates a ‘digital twin’ of your mill, benchmarks performance against industry and quantifies the impact of variations to process, equipment and resources on mill availability. MRD delivers actionable insights to greatly inform plant design, maintenance planning and decision-making.


  • Minimise lost production hours, improve availability, throughput and profitability.
  • Benchmark reline time and mill availability against industry norms.
  • Independently assess plant designs, relining processes, equipment and crew performance.
  • Identify safety and productivity improvements for reducing mill relining risk and duration.
  • Reduce downtime unpredictability and associated costs.
  • Understand the impact of decisions before they are made.
  • Quantify CAPEX and OPEX ROI.


  • Comprehensive offering – Integrates time and motion studies + discrete event simulation and analysis + extensive industry datasets + RME’s vast mill relining experience
  • ‘Digital twin’ capability – Creates an accurate virtual replica of any past or future planned SAG/AG/Ball mill reline
  • Bespoke modelling framework – Constructs individualised simulations from site-specific data
  • ‘What if’ scenario modelling – Model considers multiple variables (plant layout, equipment, conditions, processes, crews) for analysis and comparison
  • Quantified performance  improvements – Predicts commercial outcomes from variables for determining economic benefits and informing maintenance strategies
  • Real-world industry performance datasets – Extensive real-world industry performance datasets including statistical distribution for variability modelling
  • Reline optimisation presentation and report – Improvement strategies resulting from mill, circuit and liner design and optimisations to reline process, equipment and crew
  • Flexible range of options: (1) Filmed site studies utilising up to 12 cameras placed in and around the mill during a reline operation (2) New plant (non-filmed) studies, and (3) Operational plant (non-filmed) desktop studies
  • Benchmark reline performance, improve productivity and resources utilisation, and increase mill  availability
  • Ensure plant layout does not hinder maintenance activities, enables safe working practises and maximises mill availability and production
  • Defensible data for justifying CAPEX and OPEX requests and budget processes

RME is the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mill relining systems.


RUSSELL MRMs engineered, manufactured and delivered.


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"Historically, the complex process of mill relining made it difficult to measure how individual changes to process, training, plant and equipment could impact shut down duration. Now MRD gives mill operators unparalleled data-driven insight into these events. This helps mill operators make decisions about how and where to invest in initiatives to improve mill availability, predictability and relining safety."

Stephen Gwynn-Jones
Global Applications Engineering Manager, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT

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