The RME Mill Relining System is the preferred choice for mill operators globally. And now it is ready for an even faster, safer automated future.

Welcome to the RME Mill Relining System

For 35+ years, RME has led the world in the engineering of fast, reliable, safe technologies and processes for every step on the mill relining path. Now, today the integrated RME Mill Relining System has advanced to incorporate autonomous capabilities. 

At it’s centre are the trusted RUSSELL Liner Exchange Machines – now with an expanded range for mills large and small – and a modular future-proofed platform for robotised RME AutoMotion™ optionality. Supporting it, are the proven THUNDERBOLT Worn Liner Removal solutions and innovative INSIDEOUT™ Technology. 

Together, they move operators out of harm's way and relining off the shutdown critical path.

Best of all, our carefully-staged systems engineering means mines of all sizes can deploy the base components and advance their relining at their own pace – safely.