RME BOLTBOSS is an innovative universal toolset that enables safer securing of liners, nuts and bolts from the mill’s exterior without the need for crew to be inside.

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RME BOLTBOSS is an integrated technology toolset that allows SAG, AG and ball mill liner bolts to be secured from outside the mill during new liner placement. The system enables safer liner installation by eliminating the need for reline crew to be on the mill charge and in the vicinity of mill relining machine (MRM) movements during liner placement.


  • Transforms risk and safety: holds, installs and secures liner bolts from outside the mill.
  • Improves process efficiency: liner bolts are fixed in place before entering the mill.
  • Reduces confined space, at-height and mobile plant operational hazards for reline crews.
  • Universal system suitable for SAG, AG and ball mills.
  • Works with a range of liner designs including feed, shell and pulp lifters from leading OEMs.
  • Avoids liner installation challenges associated with other liner bolting solutions.
  • Requires less crew for placement to improve resource allocation to value-adding activities.
  • Enables MRM operators to increase liner manipulation speed without risk to crew safety.
  • Reduces the duration of the liner placement phase.
  • Creates new opportunities to improve mill availability.


  • Integrated all-in-one tooling system – includes everything needed to perform mill liner bolt holding and installation external to the mill
  • Universal for a wide range of SAG, AG and ball mill feed and shell liners from leading OEMs
  • Versatile two (2) bolt holding system – magnetic collars and wave clips – for a variety of liner bolt lengths and angles associated with their location inside the mill
  • Secure bolt retention system holds liner bolts up to 7kg
  • Bolt slide hammer for pulling retained bolts through the mill shell from outside the mill
  • Camera system to assist external crew align, secure and install liner bolts
  • Communication devices with site specific frequencies
  • Tools for bolt hole cleaning and ‘on the go’ repairs to damaged bolt holes
  • Secure lockable storage box for preventing theft and protecting tooling integrity
  • Quick access instructional videos via QR Code on the storage box
  • Optimised for use with RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines and RME’s full range of grapple systems
  • Integrates with RME INSIDEOUT Technologies and RME AutoMotion
  • Implementations of BOLTBOSS technology and processes are supported by RME’s proven operational readiness program and OEM-certified Customer Service Technicians
  • For mine sites seeking to transform risk and safety ratings and improve relining efficiency
  • Enables fast, reliable, safe mill liner bolt holding and installation external to the mill
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or as a complement to THUNDERBOLT Modular Elevating Platforms, THUNDERBOLT SKYPORT, THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY and RUSSELL 7 MRM MODEL R with AutoMotion. This can result in additional time savings by allowing access to more liner rows per inch and deliver further safety improvements by removing more personnel from the line of fire.

RME is the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mill relining systems.


RUSSELL MRMs engineered, manufactured and delivered.


THUNDERBOLT Recoiless Hammers sold.


Mine sites served by RME equipment & services.

"The beauty of the patented RME BOLTBOSS system is its simplicity. It is an innovation in small tooling that makes a big difference to mill relining safety. It removes crew from hazardous zones and enables the installation of bolts and liners external to the mill."

Christian Kramer
RME BOLTBOSS pulling liner bolts through from outside of the mill

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