Relining requires critical attention to safety. Risks increase when harsh conditions and usage impact asset integrity. Ensure annual inspections and servicing are a priority.

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With RMEs global reach and in region technical support annual services become a cost-effective method of staying on top of regular maintenance. It stands to reason that maximum equipment reliability will be achieved by regularly maintaining it, and so RME has focused on how we can provide our Customers with quicker and more cost effective on-site service. Providing a better maintenance service was the primary impetus for establishing our Regional Service Centres in North America, South America and Africa.

Reline Attendance

Many of RME Customers require a Customer Support Technician to be at site for each maintenance event, in order to immediately attend to any potential problems prior to and during the critical mill shutdown period.

A number of RME's Customers have engaged RME into a Service Contract for between one to three years, to ensure availability of technicians. It also ensures that RME has a ready stock of required spares and supplies for the equipment at the sites with which the Service Contracts are in place. This arrangement has enabled RME and its Customers to enhance their relationship, with regular site visits from the same skilled technician creating value for the Customer in having someone who knows their machine and operation extremely well, and so delivering better service than may otherwise be provided.

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RME is the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mill relining systems.


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"Our RME technicians conduct annual servicing in accordance with your assets service schedule to ensure peak performance, safety, and reliability."

Lucinda Talbot
Regional Sales Manager APAC/EMERU

SS&O Sales Team

Lucinda Talbot  - $Regional Sales Manager APAC/EMERU

Lucinda Talbot

Regional Sales Manager APAC/EMERU

Glenn Evans - $Service Account Manager - APAC

Glenn Evans

Service Account Manager - APAC

Matthew B. Thompson - $Service Account Manager - APAC

Matthew B. Thompson

Service Account Manager - APAC

Leo Yu - $Technical Service Account Manager - APAC

Leo Yu

Technical Service Account Manager - APAC

Gary Medill - $Service Account Manager - APAC

Gary Medill

Service Account Manager - APAC

Owen Flemming  - $President – RME North America

Owen Flemming

President – RME North America

Denny Wisely - $Vice President Sales & Business Development - North America

Denny Wisely

Vice President Sales & Business Development - North America

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Samuel Mossaad - $Service Account Manager - Canada

Samuel Mossaad

Service Account Manager - Canada

Lyle Hobbs - $Service Account Manager - North America

Lyle Hobbs

Service Account Manager - North America

Manuel Galvez  - $Regional General Manager - South America

Manuel Galvez

Regional General Manager - South America

Ivan Donoso Kacic  - $Regional Sales Manager, South America

Ivan Donoso Kacic

Regional Sales Manager, South America

Vania Chavez - $Service Account Manager - South America

Vania Chavez

Service Account Manager - South America

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Kabelo Mogobye  - $Regional General Manager - Africa

Kabelo Mogobye

Regional General Manager - Africa