The MILLMAST MAX Mill Liner Handler is an efficient relining solution for Ball mills with liners up to 400kg and sufficient free space at one end of the mill. By removing the need for manual lifting, MILLMAST MAX delivers an affordable and reliable way to boost productivity and crew safety. Available for Ball mills up to 26ft in diameter. Minimum clear entry diameter is 1150mm.


  • Enables safe relining of Ball mills
  • Eliminates all manual lifting of mill linings
  • Reduces fatigue and physical stress
  • Improves safety in hazardous areas
  • Reduces personnel numbers working in the mill, improving reline efficiency and safety
  • Reline duration and cost reduced through ability to use fewer, larger liners
  • Increased liner life and extended plant availability


  • Beam can remain inside the mill during inching
  • Powered liner cart for moving new and worn liners
  • No tie down points outside the mill
  • Safety hand rails outside the mill for relining crews
  • Electrical and hydraulic  services supported by Base Unit and connected permanently for greater reliability
  • -20°/+30° boom articulation allows crews to reline multiple rows above charge height before inching the mill



  • MILLMAST MAX is suitable for liner weights of up to 400kg
  • Expertly-engineered for Ball Mills where there is sufficient manoeuvring space outside the mill
  • Minimum clear entry diameter required is 1150mm
  • Supported by superior after sales service to extend equipment use and return on asset investment



Click here to download the MILLMAST MAX Mill Liner Handler Product Brief.

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"The MILLMAST MAX is a cost-efficient system ideal for sites with limited space available outside the mill. Its patented design improves safety and efficiency, creating the potential for quicker mill relines, with reduced labour costs and mill downtime."

Clemens Geiges
Global Manager - Small Mill Solutions, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT