The pneumatic-powered THUNDERBOLT Mobile Elbow Jib is a perfect partner for the THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammer. It’s safe, versatile, and will raise your productivity.

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The multitalented THUNDERBOLT Mobile Elbow Jib is a perfect partner for the THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammer. In addition to being tailor-made for safer suspension and ease of movement, it’s also a highly-versatile lifting solution to have onsite. Robustly engineered, manufactured and ever reliable, the THUNDERBOLT Elbow Jib will raise your mill relining productivity and safety.


  • Industry-leading RME equipment reliability and longevity
  • Pneumatic-powered for safe operation in hazardous locations
  • Low maintenance needs and total lifecycle costs
  • Increase asset utilisation and equipment’s useful life
  • Eliminate unsafe liner removal methods and dangerous manual tasks
  • Reduce risk to crews and improve operator safety
  • Boost reline productivity and mill availability


  • Pneumatic-powered, plug-n-go, THUNDERBOLT 500 suspension solution
  • Capably handles working loads up to 350kg
  • 360 degree slewing on the primary boom and 270 degree left or right on outer boom
  • Reaches any bolt on mill shell within a maximum hammer height of 2100mm high and maximum extension of 5500mm
  • Robust air hoist motor designed with few components for low and easy maintenance
  • Patented fail-safe brake assures safe holding of loads in all circumstances
  • Simple pendant controls for emergency stop and raising/lowing pneumatic winch
  • 6 metre raise and lower pneumatic winch capacity
  • Works independently of the THUNDERBOLT 500 so can be used for other lifting purposes onsite
  • Integrated counterweight ensures jib stability and safety
  • 4 legs with one adjustable for uneven floors and easily folded for transport and storage
  • Straightforward disassemble and crane lifting lugs for mobile manoeuvrability
  • Time-proven precision-engineering and parts manufacturing ensure low wear and tear and extended equipment life
  • A flexible companion to the pneumatic-powered THUNDERBOLT 500 Hammer
  • Ideal for small and mid-capacity mills particularly those still serviced by manual worn liner removal methods
  • Suitable for use in environments where electrical tools are a potential hazard

RME is the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mill relining systems.


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"The pneumatically-operated THUNDERBOLT Mobile Elbow Jib will lift your game at every stage – whether knocking-in worn liners with the THUNDERBOLT 500 or moving, raising and lowering heavy loads onsite. It’s mobile, versatile, simple to use – and most of all safe."

Christian Kramer
RUSSELL Mobile Elbow Jib

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