“When the THUNDERBOLT Hammer was introduced, it utterly and profoundly revolutionised worn liner removal. Its working title was the ‘LRT’, for Liner Removal Tool. Our THUNDERBOLT Hammer range has continued serving our Customers for 20 years.

“I’m extremely proud of RME’s new MAGNUM series of THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers. Why MAGNUM? Magnum implies the zenith, the most powerful in its class. These beautiful new Hammers hit harder, with more blows per minute, for even faster liner bolt removal. MAGNUM’s advanced industrial design delivers improved ergonomics and enhanced serviceability. We’ve re-engineered the Hammer’s heart so successfully that scheduled maintenance is greatly reduced.

It’s been a joy to work alongside our THUNDERBOLT engineering and product team as they’ve applied NASA pyrotechnical mathematics to literally transform this range, which includes a superb new Mobile Jib, MAGNUM Power Pack and two new Hammers, the MAGNUM 1000 and MAGNUM 2000 Recoilless Hammers.

This THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Hammer range is literally in a class of its own.” – John Russell

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