Why choose RME as your premium service provider?

What matters to our operators is mill availability. Mill relining is on the critical path of processing plant shutdowns. If the shutdown can be shortened or if it’s extended by equipment breakdowns, mill availability and production feels a direct impact. RME’s Mill Relining System is key to the success of the shutdown. When your RME Mill Relining System is maintained and perated correctly, mill availability is increased.

RME’s Mill Relining Systems are designed to operate in difficult environments. These environments pose a risk to the success of the shutdown and to the safety of personnel who are working in confined spaces, with poor lighting and on uneven surfaces. Why risk working with technicians not equipped to handle the complexity of the mill environment? RME Service delivers intelligent, superior, authorised support of RME Mill Relining Systems around the world. It’s worth the investment.

RME is the world leader in the design, manufacture, supply and servicing of mill relining technologies – since 1985. This pedigree, with our continuous improvement culture, our engineering and technological design excellence as well as our people who are committed to improving your concentrator performance, combine to define the RME Difference.