06 June 2023

Using genuine spare parts to manage unpredictability

Using genuine OEM parts and critical spares will maximise mill relining equipment availability and reline crew safety. 

RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT’s (RME) renowned high-quality equipment is durable and reliable to meet the requirements of each unique site. And another way that we help our Customers with mill productivity is with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts. 

Why should you use genuine OEM spare parts?

OEM parts can be relied upon for maximising equipment availability and crew safety, and best suit our unique, custom manufactured equipment. We offer a complete range of parts for the RME Mill Relining System. Spare parts can also be used in future rebuilds to significantly reduce costs.

Having a stock of spare parts ready helps to manage the unpredictability of equipment. We recommend that sites build a pool of spares to ensure that commonly required components are available on site when needed. We can work with Customers to determine which ones will provide maximum effect by being readily available, and can help with inventory management to ensure critical parts are included in the site’s asset management system.

Spare parts initiative

RME recently launched an initiative to help increase onsite stock availability for our Customers. Global supply chain issues and an increase in commodity prices prompted our APAC team to implement a process to ensure Customers can still get the parts they need, when they need them.

Our Customer Service Technicians (CSTs) now have critical spares lists bespoke to each Customer’s asset in order to help them complete a stocktake of parts when on site. All items considered ‘critical spares’ and which the Customer doesn’t have, will be quoted and suggested in the order. We will run this service annually to provide Customers with the data needed to order the spares required to support their assets.

Global supply chain disruptions have impacted on availability of spare parts, however RME has increased its range and holding of OEM spare parts, with added stock of frequently used parts available from our Regional Service Centres.


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