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Investing in equipment maintenance guarantees greater mill availability and ongoing asset protection. And as mill relining technology changes, the skills needed to service relining machines becomes even more important.

The key to helping our Customers ‘anytime’ is our team of Customer Service Technicians (CSTs). They are an integral part of the RME network of Regional Service Centres that support your products wherever in the world you are and getting the right service the first time saves our Customers money in the long run.  

Our CSTs are factory-trained on the assembly floor at RME’s headquarters in Toowoomba, Queensland. It’s here they develop a real depth of expertise, which is a huge advantage to mine operators and owners in fast maintenance and efficient safety upgrades.

What sets our technicians apart?

RME CSTs have specialist training with our Technical Training department. This allows for full coverage on RME products including up-to-date training on new product development, resulting in currency and leading edge capabilities. They also have access to the Asset Support Engineering group for timely support as required. After training, our technicians return home to the communities where they work. The skill set they bring back with them, plus local knowledge, is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Outside technicians cannot replicate this level of specialist training or service.

Bringing benefits to your site

Worldwide asset support is a real-time service that is flexible to meet our Customers’ needs. Outside of office hours, our Customers have access to a 24/7 hotline that is run by technicians who speak a variety of languages. RME CSTs can guide local operators through inspections and diagnostics, ensuring multi-step start-up and shutdown procedures are done correctly, efficiently and safely.

Superior service

Our OEM status provides flow on benefits for our Customers. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you are working with people who really understand your equipment and how to keep it online during critical relines. This includes service and parts support, onsite asset maintenance, upgrade options and the backing and expertise of RME’s people.

Our Customers have access to a secure Asset Support Platform where our CSTs capture data about the health and performance of your RME equipment. This means items requiring attention are addressed more quickly, to improve reline safety and enable the potential of your asset to be fully realised. It’s a trackable, flexible and customised service that can’t be replicated by other technicians.

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Learn more about RME 24/7/SERVICE for personalised support where and when you need it.

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