On-site Maintenance

The logistics and cost to send a RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) or RUSSELL Mill Liner Handler back to one of RME's Regional Service Centres  for regular servicing is not an option for the vast majority of our Customers. For this reason RME provides a worldwide on-site maintenance service that delivers personalised and timely asset support.

It stands to reason that maximum equipment reliability will be achieved by regularly maintaining it, and so RME has focused on how we can provide our Customers with quicker and more cost effective on-site service. Providing a better maintenance service was the primary impetus for establishing our Regional Service Centres in North America, South America and Africa.

Reline attendance

Many of RME Customers require a Customer Support Technician to be at site for each maintenance event, in order to immediately attend to any potential problems prior to and during the critical mill shutdown period.

A number of RME's Customers have engaged RME into a Service Contract for between one to three years, to ensure availability of technicians. It also ensures that RME has a ready stock of required spares and supplies for the equipment at the sites with which the Service Contracts are in place. This arrangement has enabled RME and its Customers to enhance their relationship, with regular site visits from the same skilled technician creating value for the Customer in having someone who knows their machine and operation extremely well, and so delivering better service than may otherwise be provided.

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