RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT's machines have always represented the state of the art, regardless of their era.

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Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) is committed to the health and safety of our people, vendors and Customers.

RME’s Chief Executive Team has been monitoring the COVID-19 global pandemic and has dedicated the attention of our internal Business Resilience Team to this matter. This team, along with all RME leaders, are meeting regularly to ensure we are acting on current information and responding prudently.  We have initiated a range of business plans and procedures to keep our workforce, vendors, as well as our Customers, as protected as possible during this time. We are ensuring operations can continue safely and securely. RME has grown, diversified and matured over 35 years. We have learnt from more than three decades of global business experience and we are prepared for challenging times. 

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RME is the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of grinding mill relining technologies and services.

Mill relining is the most specialised and important task in the maintenance of a mineral concentrator. Mill relining dictates shut down times, mill availability and utilization, through-put, and therefore mine site profitability.

RME’s passion and mission has always been to minimise mill relining time and to increase relining crews’ safety. RME Mill Relining System technologies, used effectively, have quartered the time taken to line large minerals processing grinding mills. Looking forward, RME’s focus is the secure the potential of RME’s Mill Relining System performance for each and every one of our Customers, past, present and future.

Our commitment to industry is to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve our Customers’ concentrator performance.
RME’s global reach extends to over 380 mine site locations.

Discover today how the RME Mill Relining System is delivering exceptional safety and performance for our Customers around the world.