MILL RELINE DIRECTOR Safety is a proven, powerful discrete event capture and analysis methodology that benchmarks real-world safety performance and provides verifiable risk improvement strategies for your next reline.

MRDS assesses and benchmarks your current relining safety and provides risk reduction and elimination recommendations. Through MRD’s discrete event simulation and deep learning analysis, we help our Customers discover relining improvement pathways and this is especially relevant at a time when finite site resources may need recalibration in response to market forces.


  • Know your real-world mill relining risks with certainty
  • Benchmark against safety industry standards
  • Calibrate risk reduction available through equipment upgrades and improved processes and behaviours
  • Understand pathways for safety optimisation
  • Have assurance that risks are being managed effectively
  • Make better, data-driven decisions which improve relining and operational safety


  • Integrated program – software, camera hardware, safety industry standards, RME reline expertise
  • Reline video capture – utilising up to 12 cameras placed in and around the mill
  • Reference reline study – specific to your site, so all mill relining-related activities can be assessed in terms of safety and risk
  • Reline safety report – includes qualitative data identifying at-risk conscious and unconscious behaviours, processes or incidents, and quantitative data with incident rates based on issue severity
  • Reline safety optimisation – defensible, verifiable recommendations for risk elimination such as mill circuit design, reline process optimisation, equipment upgrades, and crew practices



  • Capture internal and external mill conditions during a reline
  • Identify and assess mill relining risks
  • Model and plan reline safety improvements
  • Audit subsequent relines to ensure safety and risk compliance
  • Determine crew training requirements
  • Bolster organisational and operational safety, risk and compliance programs
  • Guide CAPEX decision-making on reline equipment upgrades and advanced automation technologies



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