Onsite commissioning and training

All RME's equipment is factory tested and commissioned before it is considered to be completed. All RME Mill Relining Technologies require onsite commissioning, however.   During the onsite commissioning, RME's qualified technicians can acquaint staff with the information provided in the comprehensive IOM (Installation, Operation and Maintenance) Manual that RME provides with our equipment.

Staff and contractors who have proficiency in the operation of the suite of RME technologies maximise the reliability and length of the asset life. RME offers post-commissioning operator training to site and at our locations in Toowoomba, Chile,  USA  and Johannesburg. Training is an ongoing requirement due to site staff turnover, forward progression of technology, and the perishability of such skills. RME is currently focusing on how to best deliver this training to suit the needs of industry, and we will continue to offer our customers enhanced service in this particular field.