Far from being an equipment oriented company, Russell Mineral Equipment believes firmly that the best Mill Relining Systems equipment in the world is incomplete without the best support in the world. RME's support for your equipment does not finish the moment it leaves our assembly facility. RME offers a range of supplementary services, including a full set of spares for all equipment configurations, onsite commissioning through to major rebuilds of machines that have provided numerous years of relining service.

RME's ability to provide an enhanced service offering to South America, North America and Africa has grown with the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries in Chile, USA and South Africa.  In conjunction with RME's headquarters in Australia, we are able to offer a faster and more reliable service to other regions as well, including Europe, Asia, and Central America. With numerous customers in each of these key regions owning full set of RME Mill Relining Systems equipment, the value of an RME-provided full service offering, including 'insurance parts' for unanticipated breakdowns and scheduled servicing 'wear parts' is being welcomed by these mine sites.

  1. On-site commissioning

    During the onsite commissioning, RME's qualified technicians can acquaint staff with the information provided in the comprehensive IOM (Installation, Operation and Maintenance) Manual that RME provides with our equipment.

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  2. Onsite maintenance

    The logistics and cost to send a RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler back to RME's manufacturing base for regular servicing is not an option for the vast majority of our customers. For this reason RME provides a worldwide on-site maintenance service.

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  3. Spare parts and technical support

    Each RME Mill Relining System is unique, designed to meet individual site requirements. It stands to reason, then, that the servicing and spare parts support we provide for equipment at site must also be tailored for the requirements of each RME Mill Relining System.

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  4. Major rebuilds

    RME considers that the best option for advising and performing upgrades to RME's equipment, is RME itself. RME has full knowledge of rebuild opportunities to ensure that the functionality of each of its machines is as good as it can be.

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  5. Training

    RME offers training at our purpose built Research and Development Facility in Toowoomba, Australia or at your mine site. RME's training may also be completed at our Regional Service Centres located in Salt Lake City in America, Santiago and Antofagasta in Chile and Johannesburg in South Africa.

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