Liner Lifting Tools

After an extensive Research and Development effort the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools range was added to the Mill Relining System suite of technologies in 2007. The idea was borne out of the problem of how to safely and quickly secure worn and new liners so that they can be moved with the Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler. Prior to the invention of the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools, crowbars and slings made of a variety of materials were used, and many reline operators suffered crush injuries as a result. Saving one minute per liner while simultaneously improving safety, the O-ZONE range of Liner Lifting Tools consists of:

  • O-ZONE Scissors
  • O-ZONE Grips
  • O-ZONE Hooks

In a 300 liner ball mill reline, the inclusion of O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools saved another five hours downtime.

The following diagram shows how the range of O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools work together:

  1. O-ZONE Scissors

    O-ZONE Scissors

    RME’s patented O-ZONE Scissor tools engage worn liners which fall face down and are without retained liner bolts. The Scissors are closed, inserted and expanded within the worn liner bolt hole. Scissors are then locked and secured by the O-ZONE...

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  2. O-ZONE Hooks

    O-ZONE Hooks

    RME’s O-ZONE Hooks and Rigging Chains adapt between the Mill Liner Handler/Mill Relining Machine lifting hooks and any of the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools. The specially designed hook is necessary to lock the O-ZONE Scissors. The unique hook handle...

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  3. O-ZONE Grips

    O-ZONE Grips

    RME’s O-ZONE Grip tools engage worn liners which fall face down with retained liner bolts. The O-ZONE Grip simply slides over the exposed bolt thread. The Hook is inserted and the lifting action tilts the O-ZONE Grip sideways, automatically engaging...

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