RME Mill Relining Systems

Maintenance shutdowns cost real money. In mineral concentrators, grinding mill relining defines the maintenance shutdown duration. In other words, mill relining is critical.

RME is unwavering in it's commitment to design advancement and to maintaining the highest standards of quality in manufacturing and componentry. For over 30 years RME has focused on minimising relining time and maximising relining safety. It is for these reasons that RME remains the preferred supplier of Mill Relining Systems globally.

RME has recognised the benefits of addressing the total mill relining process, and applying a total mill relining solution.

The RME Mill Relining System solution comprises:

  1. Feed Chute Transport

    Rapid extraction, transportation and replacement of mill feed chutes is vital to a fast reline. RME’s wide range of feed chute technologies provide solutions for every situation, including rail based systems and rubber tyred, multiwheel systems.

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  2. Liner Placement

    The centrepiece of RME's mill relining system is a RUSSELL 7 or RUSSELL 8 (seven or eight axis) liner placement mill relining machine. Available in maximum liner capacities from 500kg to 7,500kg, these machines represent the ultimate in new liner replacement capability. Mill Relining Machines, with a grapple option to hold and precisely place liners exactly into the location for which they are intended, greatly reduces the manual aspects of mill relining, and increases liner replacement efficiency and safety.

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  3. Liner Handling

    For smaller mills and lighter liners, the centrepiece of the RME Mill Relining System is represented by either the RUSSELL 3 series or the Millmast

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  4. Liner Bolt Removal

    THUNDERBOLT Hammers use a momentum balancing principle where the relatively large and slow moving mass of the internal mechanism is perfectly balanced by the fast moving and relatively light piston resulting in almost no recoil. The THUNDERBOLT Recoilless mechanism enabled through careful design and high quality, fine tolerance manufacture is what makes a THUNDERBOLT different.

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  5. Liner Lifting Tools

    After an extensive Research and Development effort the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools range was added to the Mill Relining System suite of technologies in 2007. The idea was borne out of the problem of how to safely and quickly secure worn and new liners so that they can be moved with the Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler.

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