Specialised Solutions

RME is a technology company capable of solving a wide range of mining and mineral processing plant problems via custom machine system solutions. RME also has capabilities in developing machine solutions in non-mining industries, including agriculture. Discover more about our special projects below.

  1. Tuyere Punch

    Tuyere Punch

    In many copper smelters, such as the one at Mount Isa Mines (MIM), the copper smelter blast furnace incorporates tuyeres (a nozzle through which air is blown into the furnace) to increase the efficiency of the blast furnace. Although the nozzles are often...

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  2. RUSSELL Steam Heater Transporter

    RUSSELL Steam Heater Transporter

    The need to enhance energy use efficiency can provide mine sites with benefits such as cost savings, waters savings, increased production and reduced greenhouse emissions. One project to address this issue utilised co-generation plants to convert waste...

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  3. Descaling Machines

    Descaling Machines

    RME’s Descaling Machines remove scale effectively, gain access to all areas requiring descaling, provide a stable platform for descaling, and their features minimise the process time between scale operations. Physical removal of scale in these...

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  4. HPGR Maintenance

    High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) have been used in the mining sector since the early 1980's. Developments in the size of the rolls and in the surface of the rolls has brought about the need to develop a solution that is capable of transporting these...

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  5. JKRBT

    The JKMRC Rotary Breakage Tester (RBT) has been developed by Russell Mineral Equipment in conjunction with The University of Queensland's Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC). The RBT provides automation and precision to the measurement of...

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  6. Pecan Tree Trimmer

    To see RME's pecan tree trimmer, which has the capability to prune the sides and tops of the trees, sitting idly would give one no idea of it's purpose. Looking more like a prop from a sci-fi movie, the tree trimmer is alarmingly effective at its task.

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  7. Vertical Tree Sprayer

    RME was presented with a challenge by the largest pecan producer in the Southern Hemisphere to design and manufacture a machine to effectively spray chemical onto pecan trees evenly from ground level to up to approximately 15 metres. This presented many...

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