Moil Guides

The role of a moil guide in the RME Mill Relining System is to make the bolt knock in process quicker and safer.

Moil guides provide THUNDERBOLT Hammer operators with the opportunity to better locate bolts and achieve better connectivity with the bolt. Safety is also enhanced by ensuring the safety of the mill relining crew, should metal shards be produced because of the bolt/moil contact, by containing the shards in the moil guide adapter, and by removing personell from the Hammer impact zone.

  1. T-MAG Moil Guide

    T-MAG Moil Guide

    The T-MAG (THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guide) is an ergonomically designed moil guide that has been specifically developed for use with the range of THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers to make bolt knock in safer and more efficient. The T-MAG uses a powerful magnet...

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