RME’s RUSSELL 7 Mill Relining Machines feature liner lifting capacities from 1500kg to 7250kg and typically access the mill cavity from the mill feed end. These Mill Relining Machines are suitable for medium to large SAG, AG and Ball Mills. The minimum mill entry diameter required is a function of mill diameter, mill length and Machine’s capacity.

The seventh axis, known as the ‘grapple roll axis’, allows correction for deflection which is necessary for precise bolt hole alignment, especially when fitting heavy liners such as pulp lifters.


  • Tiedown plates to suit multiple mill operation
  • Spring loaded cable reeler
  • Xenon lighting
  • Radio control
  • Joystick control
  • Machine covers for storage
  • Rubber-tyred or rail-based base unit
  • Diesel engine for base transport.


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