Hammer Suspension

The most suitable hammer suspension method will depend upon each individual application. RME offers a number of suspension options, designed to be suitable to a range of hammer sizes and site conditions:

  • Hydraulic Powered Mobile Jib
  • Hydraulic Powered Fixed Position Jibs
  • Twin Tube Monorail and Hydraulic Winch
  • Unpowered Elbow Jibs
  • Twin Tube Monorail and Pneumatic Winch.
  1. THUNDERBOLT Suspension - Hydraulic Jib

    THUNDERBOLT Suspension - Hydraulic Jib

    The THUNDERBOLT Hammer can be supported by RME’s telescoping jib. This configuration includes jib extend/retract function via horizontal telescoping boom sections and raise/lower function via the hydraulic winch mounted on the rear of the main boom....

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  2. THUNDERBOLT Suspension - Monorail

    THUNDERBOLT Suspension - Monorail

    The THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer is recommended to be suspended by RME’s monorail and winch assembly. This configuration includes a powered raise/lower function via the hydraulic winch with lateral travel around the mill using a monorail system...

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  3. THUNDERBOLT 450 Suspension - Swing Arm

    THUNDERBOLT 450 Suspension - Swing Arm

    Each THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer can be suspended from existing facilities (an overhead crane), with the hammer’s positioning controlled by the crane operator. This arrangement may prove adequate for a THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer trial but will...

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