Russell Mineral Equipment is the only company in the world that offers a Systems approach to grinding mill relining.

For more than 25 years, Russell Mineral Equipment has been committed to developing a suite of technologies that make the relining of grinding mills in hard rock metalliferous mines faster, more reliable, and safer.

Currently the suite of products in the RME Mill Relining Systems range comprises:

  • RUSSELL 8 Twin Mill Relining Systems
  • RUSSELL 7 Twin Mill Relining Systems
  • RUSSELL 8 Mill Relining Machines
  • RUSSELL 7 Mill Relining Machines
  • RUSSELL 3 Mill Liner Handler
  • RUSSELL 3V Mill Liner Handler
  • MILLMAST Liner Handler
  • THUNDERBOLT 1500 Hammer
  • THUNDERBOLT 750 Hammer
  • THUNDERBOLT 450 Hammer and Turbo 500 Air Intensifier
  • THUNDERBOLT Suspension Options
  • T-MAG Moil Guide
  • RUSSELL Feed Chute Technologies
  • O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools

RME also has a distinguished record in designing and manufacturing custom engineering solutions for various applications, including metal refining, agriculture, heavy mass translocation, and alternate grinding mill maintenance.

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