Why use a THUNDERBOLT Hammer when I have a jackhammer?

The range of THUNDERBOLT Hammers has been specifically developed, and is still the best choice, for knocking out worn grinding mill liner bolts.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The THUNDERBOLT 1500, THUNDERBOLT 750 and THUNDERBOLT 450 Hammers all have a recoilless action making them a more ergonomic , more controlled choice
  • The action of a jackhammer requires the influence of gravity and downward pressure to fully and efficiently transfer their blow energy
  • Without modification, a jackhammer is awkward to suspend horizontally and difficult to maintain sufficient horizontally force
  • The THUNDERBOLT 1500 and THUNDERBOLT 750 are supplied with their own hydraulic power pack, and the THUNDERBOLT 450 is recommended to be used with the TURBO 500 Air Intensifier, and in doing so are not dependent on site air, which can sometimes be unreliable
  • The noise generated by a THUNDERBOLT Hammer is greatly reduced relative to a jackhammer
  • The THUNDERBOLT Hammer range can be supplied with a range of suspension options, suitable to most site conditions, and to the effective operation of the Hammers
  • A THUNDERBOLT Hammer delivers a series of controlled, high intensity blows with precision. A jackhammer takes more of a 'scatter gun' approach, delivering multiple difficult to control blows of reduced energy. In most cases the use of jack hammers has resulted in damage to the mill shell around the liner bolt holes resulting in poor sealing and leaks during the mill operation.

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