Why is RME the market leader?

We have heard from our customers that Russell Mineral Equipment is their first choice in Mill Relining Systems. This is a position that we are very proud of, and do not take for granted.

RME was the first company in the world to identify that mechanising the mill relining process could take the activity off the maintenance critical path. RME has stated for many years "when the mill stops turning, the mine stops earning" and so our research and development focus for 25 years has been on developing a suite of complementary mill relining technologies, known today as the RME Mill Relining System, to further increase annual grinding mill availability.

Russell Mineral Equipment is the only company in the world to offer a Mill Relining System solution. This is one of the key reasons why our customers have been able to achieve reductions in reline time of 75%. With just a mill relining machine, a site can reduce the time to reline considerably. However, without Mill Relining Systems elements such as RME's T-MAGs, O-ZONE Tools, THUNDERBOLT Hammers and Suspension, concentrator plant operators are limited in their ability to achieve world's best mill relining time and consequently maximise plant availability.

RME's Mill Relining System is backed up by quality in design and manufacture, which means reliability for our customers. We stand by our decisions to only use highest quality inputs and components in our products, because we know how critical operational performance is when a shutdown is underway.

Quality equipment is limited in the life time value it can provide if it is not backed by quality service and spare parts. RME invests heavily in recruitment, training and development and retention of staff to ensure quality equipment is backed by market leading support long after the initial purchase is forgotten.

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