Why are solid rubber tyre options better than rail wheels?

RME can provide our Feed Chute Transporter, Mill Relining Machine, and Mill Liner Handler technologies mounted on rail configurations.

However, industry is tending to move away from rail mounted equipment for a combination of the following reasons:

  • Rail tracks often get filled with rock and debris, and must be regularly cleaned to allow movement of the Feed Chute Transporter or Mill Relining Machine along the track
  • Rail tracks often impede the most satisfactory location of tie downs for the Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler
  • Rubber tyre machines offer greater flexibility with regards to moving and locating the Feed Chute Transporter or Mill Relining Machine, by not confining movement to a track set into the floor
  • The all wheel steer feature which is only available on rubber tyre equipment offers maximum manoeuvrability.
  • Floor loads can be better distributed thereby allowing for decreased cost in floor construction, with weight being borne by up to 10 solid rubber tyre wheels on Feed Chute Transporters required to potentially transport loads up to 100 tonnes
  • Multiple wheel Feed Chute Transporters do not exhibit significantly higher point load events if one wheel is impeded (by a rock, for example) as the load is evenly spread across a number of independently supported wheels
  • Rubber tyre Feed Chute Transporter and Mill Relining Machine options can traverse inclines and negotiate other small obstacles located on the mill floor
  • Sophisticated manufacturing techniques and materials now produce wheels with solid rubber tyre permanently adhered to the rim resulting in long life and maintenance free operation

For more information regarding rubber tyre application in the Mill Relining Systems suite of technologies, please contact RME.

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