What is a THUNDERBOLT Hammer?

A THUNDERBOLT Hammer has been designed to replace manual sledge hammering. A strong man, rested and with a good aim can produce a blow with a sledgehammer of around 150 Joules, and can do so for only a relatively short time due to the strenuous nature of the work. Russell Mineral Equipment invented the range of THUNDERBOLT Hammers to make the removal of liner bolts from mill shells quicker and safer. The range of THUNDERBOLT Hammers currently comprises:

  • THUNDERBOLT 1500 Recoilless Hydraulic Hammer (delivering 1500 Joule blows, at a rate of 60 blows per minute)
  • THUNDERBOLT 750 Recoilless Hydraulic Hammer (delivering 750 Joule blows, at a rate of 90 blows per minute)
  • THUNDERBOLT 450 Recoilless Pneumatic Hammer (delivering 450 Joule blows, at a rate of 60 blows per minute).

For more information regarding the range of THUNDERBOLT Hammers, please click here.

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