What is a T-MAG?

T-MAGs are the latest innovation in THUNDERBOLT Hammer moil guidance and liner bolt removal safety and efficiency. Tests have shown that effective use of T-MAGs can reduce liner bolt removal time by over 30%.

The T-MAG uses a powerful magnet attached temporarily to the mill shell to hold a high strength moil guide tube in place over the liner bolt, thereby eliminating the need for reline personnel in the THUNDERBOLT Hammer strike zone.

Prior to the introduction of the T-MAG, labourers were required to position themselves in front of the THUNDERBOLT Hammer, physically holding a cylindrical sleeve to guide the contact between the THUNDERBOLT Hammer and the liner bolt. This was a dangerous practice, as injuries caused by flying metal shards, operating in a confined space and unexpected manoeuvres by the THUNDERBOLT Hammer operator all combined to create potentially lethal operating conditions.

RME recommends having a set of at least four T-MAGs per THUNDERBOLT Hammer on site to achieve maximum liner bolt knockout efficiency. To ensure optimum safety and efficiency, T-MAGs are sized to suit specific liner bolt and washer combinations.

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