What is a Mill Liner Handler?

Mill liners are designed to be sacrificial linings to protect grinding mill shells and to enhance the movement of the charge for optimum throughput and grinding performance. A Mill Liner Handler is a purpose designed machine used to remove and insert liners in grinding mills. Typically, RME's Mill Liner Handlers find application in AG, SAG, Ball and Rod mills throughout the hard rock mining regions of the world. Mill Liner Handlers as they are today were invented by John Russell of Russell Mineral Equipment to make the process of replacing mill liners faster, safer and more reliable.

Prior to the introduction of the modern Mill Liner Handler, mill reline personnel resorted to a variety of dangerous and largely ineffectual methods for removing and inserting liners, including truck mounted cranes, overhead cranes, chains and pulleys, and brute strength. For these reasons, grinding mill relining was often a labour intensive, time consuming, and dangerous task. The range of RME's Mill Liner Handlers today provides solutions for small mills (into which a man can enter) right through to larger mills with liners up to 1500kg. For liners larger than 1500kg, Mill Relining Machines are required. Click here for an explanation of the differences between the two machine types and here for a description of a Mill Relining Machine.

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