What are O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools?

After an extensive Research and Development effort the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools range was added to the Mill Relining System suite of technologies in 2007. The idea was borne out of the problem of how to safely and quickly secure worn and new liners so that they can be moved with the Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler. Prior to the invention of the O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools, crowbars and slings made of a variety of materials were used, and many reline operators suffered crush injuries as a result.

The range of O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools currently comprises:

Each of these elements has been designed to be used in conjunction with the other components of the O-ZONE range, and is also offered in a range of capacities to accommodate the lifting requirements at each site.

O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools are designed and tested to meet both Australian Standard and CE lifting equipment requirements. For example within each batch produced, one set is proof tested to 4 times the Working Load Limit (WLL) and discarded, and every tool is load tested to 2 times its WLL, to ensure that their lifting capacity rating can be assured.

The O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools have been proven to dramatically reduce reline time. In a typical example five hours was saved on the reline time of a large Ball Mill in where O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools saved over 1 minute per liner for 300 liners.

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