How long will your equipment last for?

Depending on frequency of use and how well a machine has been maintained RME equipment is designed to have a very long life span. By way of example, RME's second and third oldest machines are still in operation at site over 20 years since commencing service. The first machine is now located in pride of place in our head office having been replaced by another RME Mill Relining Machine at site.

RME offers an onsite maintenance service for all of its installed fleet of Mill Relining Machines, Mill Liner Handlers and THUNDERBOLT Hammers. RME also maintains a full complement of spares and upgrade solutions to maintain all RME equipment in top condition, regardless of age. A number of RME's customers have engaged RME in 3-5 year service contracts, to reduce the demands on onsite maintenance personnel and ensure that the longer term reliability of the equipment is maintained.

The fleet of installed Mill Relining Machines and Mill Liner Handlers is aging but still very much operational, and because technology is progressing, RME also offers customers a service to refurbish and update older machines to ensure that they remain current and that their life extends to the life of the mine.

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