Is a Mill Relining Machine different to a Mill Liner Handler?

A Mill Relining Machine differs from a Mill Liner Handler in a number of ways:

  • A Mill Relining Machine is fitted with a grapple mechanism which securely holds new liners, and enables them to be precisely mechanically manipulated into the exact location without manual intervention. A Mill Liner Handler uses a hook and sling (see also O-ZONE Tools) to carry the new liner from the liner cart or from the mill floor to the general location where the liner is to be fitted and manual intervention is required to position the liner ready for bolting.
  • A Mill Relining Machine can place liners above the centreline of the mill whereas a Mill Liner Handler can usually only be used to sling liners into position below the centreline of the mill due to the need for manual intervention to mate the liner with the mill shell.
  • A Mill Relining Machine can perform all the same operations as a Mill Liner Handler but the reverse is not true.
  • A Mill Liner Handler has only three axes of movement whereas a Mill Relining Machine normally has seven or more. The grapple accounts for the additional 4 or 5 axes difference between a Mill Liner Handler and a Mill Relining Machine.
  • A Mill Relining Machine is generally designed to manipulate liners of larger size and mass, whereas Mill Liner Handlers are typically designed to lift smaller, lighter liners (up to 1500kg). The reason for the 1500kg limit for Mill Liner Handlers is that manually manipulating liners heavier than 1000kg into place can become unsafe and slow.

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