How do you transport your mill relining machines to site?

To mainland Australia based mine sites, RME's Mill Relining Machines are usually transported largely intact by semi trailer or low loader to their destinations.

To all destinations outside of mainland Australia, Mill Relining Machines are packed into 40' open top standard gauge shipping containers and loaded onto ships at the Brisbane port in the state of Queensland, Australia. After factory commissioning and tests are complete, the machines are partially disassembled as required to fit in the containers and distribute load evenly. The components are then carefully packed into the open top containers fitted out with purpose built supporting structures for the equipment components. Due to the size, weight and complexity of the individual machines RME strongly recommends transportation to site in the original container.

Upon arrival at site, our trained technicians will assist site personnel with unpacking and assembly and recommissioning of the Mill Relining Machine, and provide training in its operation. To unpack the Mill Relining Machine or Mill Liner Handler at site a mobile crane and basic metal cutting and grinding capabilities are required to free the machine from the packing structure.

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