Do you perform repair or rework on other machines?

Russell Mineral Equipment's Customer Support Technicians are all highly skilled tradespeople, often having completed an apprenticeship with RME or having trained extensively in hydraulics, mechanical systems, electronics and electrical systems before coming to RME. Once at RME, our technicians are trained in the full set of skills required to properly service and repair the specialised RME equipment in harsh and often remote environments.

RME constantly invest heavily in recruiting, training and retaining the best people to provide a maintenance, repair and rebuild service for our suite of technologies. RME's highly trained and experienced technicians specialise in mill relining systems and are in demand globally. Due to the nature of the equipment and unique, critical usage patterns, RME's experience has shown that the service provided to our customers offers the excellent value when specialising in support of RME's Mill Relining Systems.

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