Can your equipment interface with any steel liner, even the ones made in my country?

With the range of O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools, RME's Mill Liner Handler can interface with all but very few liners manufactured worldwide. Steel liners fitted with lugs pose no problem, and if the liner is made from alternative materials then it can usually be lifted by the Mill Liner Handler using slings or custom designed brackets.

RME's Mill Relining Machine has a grapple mechanism, with a pinning configuration that can function within a defined range of width between the liner lugs and lug hole diameters. RME can supply details of the desired lug spacing to enable our clients to liaise with their liner supplier regarding lug configuration requirements. The grapple is also fitted with a rigging hook to enable the RME O-ZONE Hooks to be used on liners with no lugs.

So for any mill with liners with or without lugs and any combination thereof, a RUSSELL Mill Liner Handler or a Mill Relining Machine can be used successfully. RME recommends an assessment of the value of the mill and the cost of the downtime should be undertaken to determine the best economic decision for a particular mill and liner combination. RME is constantly in contact with all the grinding mill suppliers and grinding mill liner suppliers globally and is happy to discuss liner design details for optimum reline efficiency with you or your supplier to enable you to achieve maximum throughput and mill availability.

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