Can we ask for your help when we are designing our mill floor?


Experience has shown that the maintenance of the grinding mills is often not considered in the overall concentrator plant design. Simple factors, if considered during the design phase, have minimal effect on the overall plant capital cost but the effect on operating costs and plant availability can be large. This is especially true as the mills increase in size and the relining process becomes a complex combination of material flow, labour organisation and effective use of automation. The difference between a plant with allowances made during design for relining of the grinding mills and one that has no allowances can have an overall effect on annual availability of 2% or more.

RME has a wealth of information available and experienced people to talk to regarding the key things that need to be taken into account.

To discuss a project in design or arrange a visit from one of our experienced people to present and discuss design for mill relining, please contact us.

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