Think Outside the Circle - Launch Event

Imagine a safer, even higher performing future for your concentrator.

Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) hosted a world first exclusive Technology Launch to a global delegation of customers on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 June, 2017 at its global headquarters in Toowoomba Australia. This event, named THINKOUTSIDETHECIRCLE, was supported by RME Engineers, Technologists and Technicians and included demonstrations and workshops over two days.

Since its introduction, the RME Mill Relining System has quartered traditional relining times for many operators. Environmental hazards still remain due to activities being conducted in confined spaces on uneven surfaces, in close proximity to heavy machinery and by crews who vary in operational competency.

RME INSIDEOUT Technology including THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY is the current result of over two years’ dedicated research and development by RME’s Technology Group. It represents a significant expansion of RME’s suite of mill relining safety and performance technologies. Its aim? To eliminate the remaining environmental hazards by performing relining without anyone inside the Mill.

The THINKOUTSIDETHECIRCLE event demonstrated INSIDEOUT Technology, including THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY, RME’s semi-automated guidance and suspension system for THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers.

RME’s founder and Executive Chairman, John Russell, believes the new INSIDEOUT Technology represents a paradigm shift in the Mill Relining industry.

“Our INSIDEOUT Technology marks a step change in mill relining safety and efficiency,” says Dr Russell.

“The Launch was not a commercial event but a series of technical demonstrations and workshops. It enabled our customers to witness the value of this Technology first hand and to provide feedback to us for future applications. Collaborations of this nature provide the best results for us all, and this event was no exception.”

RME’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Avey, said, “RME is united by a vision for our customers, to make their operating environments safer whilst delivering significant production benefits. This gives value to the entire processing operation and is consistent with our Mission Statement, which is to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve our customers’ concentrator performance.”

Delegates developed ideas for practical applications for INSIDEOUT Technology for their own mineral concentrators and enjoyed RME's culture of hospitality and generosity. OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill Damien Holden said, "it was a privilege to be a part of this event".

RME will host future THINKOUTSIDETHECIRCLE Technology demonstrations and workshops on a quarterly basis. To register your interest in attending, email

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