Spare Parts and Technical Support

Each RME Mill Relining System is unique, designed to meet individual site requirements. It stands to reason, then, that the servicing and spare parts support we provide for equipment at site must also be tailored for the requirements of each RME Mill Relining System.

RME's Regional Service Centres are equipped with skilled Customer Service Technicians and a warehouse of commonly required Mill Relining Systems components, enhancing our ability to directly contribute to each Customers' annual mill productivity, through timely supply of support and spare parts before, during and after each maintenance shut down. Many of RME's Customers now choose to make RME their first choice for spare parts and technical support in one or more of the following areas:

Scheduled servicing

Mill Relining Systems equipment require period / annual servicing of their hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and mechatronic systems. RME personnel are experienced in working with site Asset Management and Maintenance Planning departments to ensure that the services to RME Mill Relining Systems equipment at site are planned and recorded in accordance with a site's asset management system.

Annual safety inspections

Mill Relining System equipment can include critical components involved in high risk activities of moving heavy new and worn liners in close proximity to the relining crew. NDE testing, as a component of annual safety inspections, is available to enhance operator safety.

Pre start checks

RME Mill Relining Systems can be set aside in storage for several months before being mobilised for use in a planned shutdown. To ensure the safety of the mill relining crew and to optimise the performance of the equipment in a high pressure environment, RME's equipment should be taken through a specific pre-start process. RME's Technicians offer this skilled service, which increases the safety of site staff and maximises RME Mill Relining Systems equipment availability.

Reline attendance

Correctly serviced and 'pre started' RME equipment should maintain high level of availability during a Customer's reline. The cost of an unexpected breakage or component failure can significantly delay the mill returning back to service, and so RME recommends that sites have RME Technicians on standby. RME Technicians can troubleshoot problems if they arise, and action a plan to expedite equipment repairs.

OEM parts

RME is provides a complete range of spare parts. OEM parts from RME can be relied upon for maximising the probability of high equipment availability and the safety of the crew using the equipment. OEM spare parts allow RME to truly stand behind our globally recognised RME Mill Relining System, regardless of its age.

Insurance Spares

RME's Mill Relining System include a variety of unique, hard-to-find, and custom manufactured parts. RME recommends that sites build a pool of 'insurance spares' to ensure that commonly required components will be available at site immediately when they are needed. RME staff can work with each site to determine which spares will provide maximum effect by being readily available, and can assist to work with each site's inventory management department to ensure that these critical parts are included in the site's asset management system.

Mobilisation for reline

A characteristic of high performing mine sites is that they proactively manage and plan for upcoming relines. RME welcomes the opportunity to work alongside maintenance planners to schedule our support for your equipment before, during and after each reline, to ensure that personnel and parts are available to when you need them.

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