RME's Rental Program

Broaden your reline fleet with our THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer Rental program. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mill reline equipment management and for some operations, rental programs offer flexible and favourable solutions.

RME's Rental program can ensure the right liner bolt removal tool for the job, improve reline productivity and safety, reduce maintenance overheads and deliver greater cost flexibility. We can assist you in selecting the right Hammer for your next reline with a plan that is best suited to your mine site and budget. We even deliver your rental with an RME Customer Support Technician to improve your reline safety and productivity, right from the start.

Rental program ― benefits:

  • Increase purchasing confidence - Try before you buy.
  • Confirmation of product application - Ensure the equipment is fit-for-purpose and reduces reline risk.
  • Optimise CAPEX/OPEX costs - Increase CAPEX flexibility by transferring costs to OPEX.
  • RME Customer Service Technicians onsite during relines - Leverage site expertise from the field leading OEM experts.
  • Genuine OEM parts and equipment - Quality checked and approved to meet servicing compliance requirements.
  • Faster worn liner knock-in - Boost your existing hammer fleet, enable simultaneous liner knock-in at different zones around the mill and increase mill availability.

Please note: RME's Rental program is currently only available in Australia, United States, Canada and South Africa.

Equipment available in our Rental program:


The THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer is unlike any other power hammer. THUNDERBOLT use a momentum balancing principle where the relatively large and slow moving mass of the internal mechanism is perfectly balanced by the fast moving and relatively light piston resulting in almost no recoil.

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The THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Mobile Jib is tailor-made to ensure THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers are suspended safely, and perform superbly, during worn liner bolt removal. Its higher reach, improved ergonomics, portable versatility, and simpler operation will improve knock-in productivity, extend asset usage, and ensure fast, reliable, safe relines.

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Monorail Winch

Monorail winches come powered by air (pneumatic) or oil (hydraulic). Pneumatic winches suit 250, 500 Hammers and are connected to site air supply. Hydraulic winches suit 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 Hammers, powered from the accompanying hydraulic Power Pack. To use the winches, a monorail system must be present with a trolley for traversing along the monorail. The winches allow easy positioning of the hammers to line up with the target bolts efficiently and safely.

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