RME Certified Training

RME Certified Training up-skills your personnel enabling them to safely, confidently and efficiently operate the RME Mill Relining System.

We custom manufacture the world’s highest quality mill relining equipment, and offer training courses that deliver the same exceptional standard. All training participants develop a sound understanding of how to effectively operate RME equipment, in addition to understanding the importance of operational safety functions and features.

  • Course to Operate the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer (10901NAT)
  • Course to Operate the Mill Reline Machine (10902NAT)


  • Well-trained operators increase efficiency and bring a productivity advantage
  • Maximise your substantial equipment investment and protect it from misuse or damage
  • Developed to Australian Qualification Framework requirements and internationally recognised
  • Enables higher levels of operator safety in hazardous areas
  • Improves reline safety and mine site profitability


  • Combines theoretical and practical, hands-on training
  • Tailored to Customer’s equipment, the training provides best practice behaviour monitoring to remove, highlight and change poor operator habits 
  • RME trainers are either in-house employees with a dedicated training role or trainer qualified technicians
  • Our trainers bring a mix of trade qualifications and/or industry experience
  • Topics include: safety, familiarisation, pre-use checks, operation, post-use checks and basic fault finding
  • 10901NAT participants receive training in associated THUNDERBOLT products such as THUNDERBOLT Power Packs, various suspension options and THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guides (T-MAGs)
  • Participants demonstrate competency through assessments
  • RME Certified Training is developed in consultation with industry and user feedback
  • Courses are developed in partnership with TAFE Queensland RTO No. 0275, ensuring third party audited compliance
  • RME delivers ongoing support with refresher courses available for previously trained personnel
  • RME training courses are endorsed by the Australian Government with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), ensuring they are of a high quality, regularly audited and continuously renewed



  • Specialised user training for superior handling of RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines and THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers
  • These courses have been delivered by RME certified trainers into 34 countries across continents, including Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East


Course Descriptions

Russell Mineral Equipment designs and manufactures the world’s highest quality Mill Relining equipment and offers accredited training with the same excellence and quality in the following:

  • 10901NAT – Course in Operate the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer
  • 10902NAT – Course in Operate the Mill Reline Machine

RME's customised training can draw on modules developed to enable participants to understand various elements of operation, safety, and rudimentary maintenance of:

  • The range of THUNDERBOLT Hammers
  • THUNDERBOLT Suspension and Power Packs
  • O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools and T-MAGs
  • RUSSELL and MILLMAST Mill Liner Handlers
  • RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (including RUSSELL TWIN Mill Relining Machines)
  • RUSSELL Feed Chute Technologies, and
  • Special engineered solutions that RME has developed for customers

RME can develop and run training courses from these modules exclusively for your mine site. Our training is focused on what we know best; our Mill Relining System. However, if you have a particular need for training on a non-RME Mill Relining System topic, such as forklift operation or confined spaces, please let us know, and we will work with you to determine whether this is suitable to package in with the RME Mill Relining System training.

Customised Courses

Just as RME's Mill Relining System is tailored for the needs of each individual mine site, RME's training can also be customised to match specific equipment at any site. These courses are provided at the highest training and mining industry standards, and are developed according to AQF.

Who should attend?

RME's training courses are relevant to a variety of personnel, including:

  • Mill reline crews
  • Mill operations personnel
  • Potential purchasers of equipment



RME has experienced, qualified trainers who will travel to your site to deliver training or alternately you can send your personnel to RME's purpose designed and built training centre in Toowoomba, Australia.

For on site training, the resources required at site include:

  • Independent tie down point for the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine
  • Training room for theory training
  • Translator if necessary



To download the RME Certified Training Product Brief, please click here.

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"Australian training has a global reputation for quality – investing in suitably trained operators is a key component in improving your relining operation and ensuring a safer working environment."

Benjamin Waters
Technical Trainer Team Leader, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT