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RME’s Mill Relining Optimisation Program

RME’s Mill Relining Optimisation Program delivers shorter shutdowns, increased maintenance predictability, reduced risk and higher mill availability. This proven partnering capability leverages our 35+ year trusted OEM relining expertise, data-driven productivity and safety behaviour insights, RME Advanced and INSIDEOUT™ Technologies and practical implementation competencies. We integrate these with a clear vision for your site and a collaborative, supported, step-by-step transformation journey.


  • Gain visibility of potential productivity improvements and risk elimination for your mill reline events
  • Harness all available mill relining system technologies and trusted OEM expertise
  • Maximise economic benefit from shorter, safer mill relines through optimised liner design and handling
  • Remove people from hazardous zones inside and outside the mill with RME INSIDEOUT™ Technologies
  • Eliminate risk with technology and process upgrades
  • Future-proof mill relining systems utilising RME Advanced Technologies
  • Increase mill availability, throughput and profitability


  • Applies RME’s proprietary discrete event analysis platform, MRD/MRDS for deep insights into relining productivity, safety behaviours and economic potential of the site
  • Presents data-driven improvement pathways using multiple levers (liner design, equipment, processes, behaviours) for transforming relining safety and mill availability
  • Builds the optimised relining solution leveraging liner design, relining technologies, processes and training in line with site performance goals and CAPEX/OPEX needs
  • Competency-based training and assessment to ensure return on technology and process investments are maximised
  • Trusted, practical mill relining coaching from industry OEM experts to accelerate technology implementation, time-to-productivity, risk elimination and build on-the-ground crew capability
  • Comprehensive reline auditing and reporting to ensure the optimisation program is achieving consistent, repeatable, safety and productivity uplift across every reline event



  • Mine sites (greenfield and brownfield) with a mandate for reducing mill relining risks and achieving the highest levels of mill availability, throughput and profitability
  • Future-proofing mill relining systems with RME INSIDEOUT™ and Advanced Technologies



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"RME Mill Relining Optimisation closes the gap between where your maintenance shutdowns are today and where your mill relining system can be. Customers tap into trusted data and insight, RME Advanced Technologies, certified training, coaching and exclusive OEM expertise, to guide their operations to significantly improved concentrator performance and mill relining safety – measurably, repeatedly, sustainably."

Steve Smith
Group Manager – Optimisation, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT