RME Mid-Life Major Service

An RME Mid-Life Major Service is a sound investment in the ongoing reliability of your RUSSELL equipment. This type of condition based maintenance servicing ensures your RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines (MRMs), RUSSELL Mill Liner Handlers (MLHs) and RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters (FCTs) are ready to perform to their full potential for a safe and reliable reline.

In a Mid-Life Service key working components are inspected, tested, refurbished and replaced, where required. Our unique Asset Support Platform and regionally based, factory trained, service personnel ensure all Mid-Life Services are completed thoroughly and efficiently, saving money and ensuring RUSSELL equipment availability is maximised.


  • A Mid-Life Service focuses on the front-line areas of your equipment, allowing your RUSSELL MRM, RUSSELL MLH or RUSSELL FCT to continue its reliable and efficient use for its full life
  • This condition based service focuses on the most degraded areas affecting your RUSSELL equipment performance to ensure the most effective allocation of your maintenance budget
  • Mid-Life Servicing reduces mill relining operational risk and ensures, on your mine site, that future mill reline events are predictable
  • A genuine OEM-delivered service on your RUSSELL equipment significantly reduces the risk of unplanned down time from any previous improper operational or maintenance practices
  • Improve equipment safety and performance by adding one of RME’s accessories and upgrades to your Mid-Life Service program


  • A Mid-Life Service focuses on the frontline components of the RUSSELL equipment, which are in constant use (i.e.grapple tool, grapple, boom, turntable, liner cart, electrical and hydraulic systems)
  • Recommended at five years or 1000 hours of operation, key factors governing when to schedule a Mid-Life Service include site conditions, equipment utilisation rate, operator use and wear rates
  • A Mid-Life Service starts with an RME Asset Integrity Audit to highlight affected areas, during the service a Visual Inspection Non Destructive Examination (NDE) is then conducted to check internal components are safe to operate
  • Mid-Life Services are conducted by one of our regionally based, factory trained technicians at either your site or in one of our Regional Service Centres
  • Includes thorough inspection, testing, refurbishment and repair of all significant machine components
  • Integrated support between RME’s Asset Support Platform and regionally based service personnel ensures a quick response and timely resolution of issues
  • The unique RME Asset Support Platform keeps a fullservice history of all RME equipment globally and enables RME to understand the product health of your equipment for efficient servicing and faster troubleshooting



  • Mid-Life Services are for mining operations that need maximised machine availability to ensure their mill reline events run to plan and provide mine site operators profitable outcomes
  • RME, as the OEM, is the only option to ensure use of genuine parts, access to the RME Asset Support Platform and factory trained service technicians



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"Given the challenging environments in which RUSSELL MRMs, RUSSELL MLHs and RUSSELL FCTs operate, a Mid-Life Service is normally recommended at five years for testing and repairs. It’s an important step in ensuring your equipment continues to be safe and reliable."

Andrew Ball
Group Manager Asset Support, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT