Major Services

RME Mid-Life Major Service

An RME Mid-Life Major Service is a sound investment in the ongoing reliability of your RUSSELL equipment. This type of condition based maintenance servicing ensures your RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines (MRMs), RUSSELL Mill Liner Handlers (MLHs) and RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters (FCTs) are ready to perform to their full potential for a safe and reliable reline.

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RME Life Extension Major Service

An RME Life Extension Major Service will extend the operational life, improve safety and increase productivity of your RUSSELL equipment. A Life Extension Service ensures that all equipment components, are inspected, tested, refurbished and replaced, where required.

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RME Certified Rebuild Major Service

An RME Certified Rebuild Major Service will help you achieve full utilisation and a second life for maximum lifetime value for your RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM). An RME Certified Rebuild is an eco-friendly option that sustainably rebuilds your machine, allowing your mine site to reuse your RUSSELL MRM and get new machine performance for less than a new purchase.

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