Troy Deakin

Global Procurement Manager

Troy Deakin is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Global Procurement Manager – a role critical for not only supporting the supply of quality materials for the precision-engineered RME Mill Relining System but also one that contributes considerably to RME’s responsiveness, efficiency, and agility.

On a daily basis, Troy’s focus is coordinating procurement, streamlining processes, minimising the cost of goods and materials, managing suppliers for quality, price, performance and delivery, and improving sources of supply to ensure predictable flow and velocity as orders move through fabrication and assembly. This ensures RME delivers its world-leading mill relining technologies in full and on time, reliably, safely and profitably, to minerals processing Customers around the world.

Troy and his purchasing team work as a core capability within the RME manufacturing value stream and operate collaboratively with assembly, supply, distribution, production planning, engineering, sales, finance and other RME teams. Troy’s role also requires developing partnerships with vendors and the vetting of purchase contracts to ensure that the interests of RME, its suppliers, and ultimately its Customers, are protected.

Troy first joined RME in 2011 as a Purchasing Officer and shortly thereafter moved to the role of Senior Purchasing Officer in 2013. In 2016, Troy was promoted to Procurement Manager and brought with him a logical, structured and Customer-focused approach to his role. Troy received a highly-practical grounding during a long-tenured relationship with a local Toowoomba family-owned hardware business where for over 16 years, he had responsibility for sales, delivery, packing, accounts and stock ordering for the business. It is these strengths and competencies that Troy brings to his role at RME.