Megan Bolitho

Group Manager Supply and Distribution

Megan Bolitho is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Group Manager Supply and Distribution – a highly-logistical position with responsibility to support the successful delivery of RME’s world-leading RME Mill Relining System and optimisation services to clients and projects across Australia and around the globe.

Megan and her supply and distribution team are a pivotal part of RME’s manufacturing capability, partnering also with fabrication, assembly, sales, planning, production, shipping and more. They exist to ensure that RME has the right materials, parts and components, in the right place, at the right time. This includes managing capacity though the supply and distribution value stream, securing the delivery of inventory, in full and on time, to meet operational and sales goals, and making sure all work practices and physical product adheres to the highest quality and safety standards. Megan understands the end result is satisfied Customers who can reliably depend upon RME for fast and safe mill relines, improved mill availability and mine site productivity.

Megan joined the RME family over seven years ago and has worked in a variety of roles across inventory management areas of the business. In 2013 she was Inventory Team Leader before moving to Inventory Controller in 2015, preparing her well for her appointment to Supply and Distribution Manager in 2016. This experience has enabled Megan to bring a deep understanding of RME’s engineering, fabrication and assembly, and Customer delivery value streams to her role today.

Megan has a strong background in the supply and distribution sector having spent over 10 years in inventory and accounting roles with Pacific Seeds, Australia's leading broadacre seed brand and provider seed technology solutions to domestic and international customers. Megan also holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Southern Queensland