David Brander

Group Manager – Research and Development

David Brander is RME’s Group Manager – Research and Development. David’s transformational role is tightly aligned with RME’s key objective to deliver innovative solutions which improve the grinding mill operations, productivity, safety, and profitability of RME’s Customers.

David’s primary goal is to ensure that RME is delivering differentiated state-of-the-art technologies and services to meet ever-evolving Customer requirements and constantly changing market demands.

To achieve this, David and his team of mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, machine learning and research and development engineers work closely with RME’s Customer-facing functions to understand areas of need, evaluate commercial opportunities and assess competitive landscapes. From there they build, and strongly execute to, the project plan, processes and activities required to bring the new product to market in a way that is sustainable and commercially-viable.

In this role David is also required to be an internal thought-leader, collaborating on innovation projects with engineering, design and sales and other parts of the business, and keeping the RME management team abreast of new technology developments from around the globe to ensure the company maintains its market-leading position.

David brings considerable international market exposure and experience to his role at RME. In the 14 years that preceded RME, David worked in a variety of research and development, project management and client-focused roles with the Conductix-Wampfler Group, a world-leading supplier of mobile energy supply. It was there that David held the roles of R&D Manager APAC (China-based) and Project and Service Manager APAC (Singapore-based). David commenced his career in mechanical design and engineering after gaining a Bachelor of Engineering in 2003 from the Queensland University of Technology.