Michael Garcia

Country Manager – Panama

Michael Garcia is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Country Manager – Panama, a market of increasing importance to RME with regional Customers and innovative projects that are expected to become a leading contributor to the world’s copper production, driven by growing global demand from the power and battery sectors.

In this role, Michael is responsible for leading the local effort to build the RME Mill Relining Systems brand and raise awareness of the company’s strong value proposition to Panamanian Customers: reducing plant downtime and significantly enhancing operator safety during mill relining. As equally, and in collaboration with RME engineering, logistics, and technical teams, Michael is also responsible for ensuring service excellence for all Customers. This includes the commissioning of new equipment such as RUSSELL Mill Reline Machines, THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers, Feed Chute Transporters and THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY, as well as the delivery of spare parts, technical servicing, order fulfilment and the administration of processes required to run RME’s Panamanian operations.

Michael came to RME in 2018 a highly-experienced general manager with a strong history managing substantial projects in engineering, IT and telecommunications in the Americas. His career commenced as chemical engineer for IBM in the company’s circuit board manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas, followed by time as a Systems Engineer in Chicago delivering technical support for large mainframe clients. Michael then transitioned to Sourcing Manager for engineering procurement company Maya Enterprises, and telecommunications giant Ericsson in-charge of labour for large-scale roll-out projects and managed services operations. Prior to RME, Michael was General Manager of West Indies Networks, S.A., IT consultancy and distributor of IoT-enabled real-time data and analytics solutions.

Michael is credentialed with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He has also completed studies in Machine Learning with Stanford University through Coursera, an online platform which delivers access to certifications from Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and enterprises such as Google and IBM.