Susan Brosnan

Change Manager

As Russell Mineral Equipment’s Change Manager, Susan Brosnan is the face of transformation and driver of the intentional plans and communications programs that will sustain the changes required to achieve RME’s strategic business objectives – a critical capability as the company embarks on a significant global growth journey in terms of its people, its mill reline automation technology products, and its Customers around the world.

Susan’s passion is the people side of change, uncovering ways to engage their enthusiasm, their energies, and helping them to embrace agility and adopt new processes, systems and technology as a means to strategy realisation. Susan works within the Information Systems group, partnering closely with each area of the business and collaborating with peers to drive and embed change. As part of this, Susan also plays a key role in ensuring that technology improvement projects, such as RME365, are executed, implemented and delivered to outcomes.

Susan joined RME in 2019 with an extensive background in technology transformation programs, operations and project management. From 1999 through to 2017, Susan was the Senior Technologies Manager for Technology Demonstrator Projects at the University of Southern Queensland. She has also held senior program management roles including Project Manager for the Toowoomba Regional Council, and Manager, Operations and Projects at St Andrew’s Hospital, Toowoomba.

Susan has co-authored a number of research papers including ‘Technology Demonstrator Projects: Advancing a Culture of Innovation Key Takeaways’, ‘An Agile Approach to Testing and Demonstrating Education Technology’ and presented at industry conferences on the relationship between learning technologies and people. Susan has achieved a prestigious Master of Project Management and Educational Business Management in 2014. She is also a qualified Prince 2 practitioner, Development of ACODE Sectoral Benchmarks Practitioner, ACODE Learning Technologies Leadership Practitioner and Justice of the Peace (JP).