Shaun Bennett

Country Manager - China

Shaun Bennett joined Russell Mineral Equipment back in 2011 and today holds the role of Country Manager – China with special responsibility for the Chinese and Mongolian mining services sector here in Australia, mainland China, Mongolia and globally for Chinese State Owned Enterprise (SOE) projects.

China is a dynamic global market, not only because it is Australia’s largest export destination, but in terms of mining services. China is now the world’s largest producer of gold and estimated to hold around thirty percent of the planet’s reserves of rare earth deposits.

Shaun’s role is to deliver growth in this region by building strong brand awareness, and driving Customer preference for, RME’s bespoke and highly specialised Mill Relining System, which makes the process of replacing grinding mill liners significantly faster, innately safer, and far more reliable.

Shaun does this by building trusted relationships with existing and new Customers and other key stakeholders, and demonstrating the unique value proposition inherent in RME’s innovative tools and technology, aftermarket support, optimisation programs, and maintenance and training services.

In his role, Shaun also administers and manages technical and commercial contract processes with Chinese SOEs and provides research and analysis on global mining projects, market trends and potential opportunities for development.

Prior to RME, Shaun was a senior Business Development Executive with the iconic Carlton & United Breweries, producer of many of Australia's most successful beverages, including one of Australia's highest selling beers, Victoria Bitter.

Shaun has participated in the Leadership Pipeline Institute – Leading Others Program and for 7 years has developed a network of key contacts and industry leaders in a culturally sensitive manner within Chinese SOEs with the aid of his trusted personal interpreter and colleague Lao Pei.

In his personal time, Shaun has also donated his services to Volunteer Marine Rescue in Brisbane.