Peter Mann

Service Account Manager

Peter Mann is RME’s highly-experienced Service Account Manager for Europe, Russia and the Middle East – regions of the world that are significant producers of a vast range of mineral commodities.

Peter is a key contributor to one of RME’s core pillars of sustainable growth – the retention of its high-value Customer base through the delivery of personalised, world-class after-market support – a strategy which aligns with, and encompasses, the mission of the organisation which is ‘to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve our Customers’ concentrator performance.’

In collaboration with capital sales, engineering, procurement and a broad cross-section of organisational functions, and with the support of RME’s skilled maintenance and technical teams, Peter’s role sees him involved with the commissioning, operation and in-service support of RME’s highly-specialised RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines. Indeed the reliability and safety of RME’s state-of-the art customised engineering solutions is dependent on these critical functions as well as efficient rotable and replacement parts supply, operator training, equipment upgrade programs and responsive OEM technical support. In all of these endeavours, Peter is steadfast in his perpetual pursuit of exceptional Customer service.

Peter’s ability to be well-attuned to the needs of RME’s client base was formed in his early years when in 2007 he joined the capital sales team and worked to accelerate customer adoption of the RME Mill Reline System. In 2012, he moved into the service department to concentrate on cementing collaborative engagement with Australian-based Customers to improve their concentrator availability and ensure operational issues were resolved in a timely and efficient manner, before taking on responsibility for overseas markets.

Prior to RME, Peter had a background in automotive retail sales management directly, and won accolades including Dealership of the Year as well as Sales Manager of the Year 3 years in a row.